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Jig Manufacturers You Can Trust

09:02 30 July in Jigs & Fixtures

Whether it’s assembly jigs or inspection fixtures, quality tooling remains an essential part of the manufacturing process. Regardless of the complexity of your products, the productivity and efficiency of your operation relies on high-quality tooling to assist.

At Elkington Brothers Limited we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery. This enables us to manufacture tooling, jigs and fixtures quickly. As leading jig manufacturers, we can guarantee great accuracy whilst also limiting scope for human error. Therefore, reducing costs.

The importance of jigs and fixtures

Every business aims to maximise production efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Jigs and fixtures aid the manufacturing process by increasing the reliability, accuracy, and quality of the process. At the same time, ramping up production times whilst ensuring safety.

Perhaps most importantly, jigs and fixtures provide an accurate, repeatable, and interchangeable manufacturing process. They also improve production times and reduce human error.

What?s the difference between a jig and a fixture?

Jigs are used to aid the manufacture of a product. Whereas a fixture is used to ensure the end products are correct to the original CAD design.

What is a jig?

A jig is used to support components during the assembly process. They ensure they are assembled in the correct position and sometimes in the correct sequence.

What is a fixture?

Similarly, to a jig, fixtures hold and support the component. However a fixture ensures the components are correct prior to delivery to the end customer. Issues found on the fixture can then lead to changes in the manufacturing process.

Benefits of jigs and fixtures

As mentioned above, jigs and fixtures are essential aids for optimising the manufacturing processes. The benefits include:

  • Reducing excess waste
  • Improving accuracy and repeatability of processes
  • Reducing human error
  • Increasing production
  • Cost effectiveness


From individual component checking to complete assembly jigs, we have built a reputation for accuracy. Alongside this, we demonstrate consistent performance in all of our tool manufacturing. In fact, we manufacture jigs and fixtures in a fraction of the time compared to other well known industry names.

Trusted jig manufacturers

As trusted jig manufacturers, we value our clients. That’s why we work alongside them to ensure a solution that supports their objectives. A recent project involved working with LEVC. We created 9 assembly jigs for their new VN5 assembly line.?This included mild steel construction, CNC machining and hand benching with a chemie black finish. They will be using the jigs to support the main components during the fixing of all of the smaller components.

If you’re looking for jig manufacturing in Birmingham then get in touch and speak to a member of our team today. Alongside any questions you may have ? our team is on hand to keep the process quick and simple.